Statements about Agriculture

On subsidies for ethanol production.

"Without ethanol, gas prices would be at least 15% higher. With gas at four bucks, that means you’re saving 12 bucks on a 20 gallon fill up."

Texans eat more catfish than residents of all other states combined.

"All the money the Department of Citrus has is paid for by the citrus growers. You don't save dollars by eliminating the Department of Citrus."

Federal Reserve policies have led to a 69 percent rise in corn prices, 44 percent rise in wheat prices and 15 percent spike in sugar prices over the last year.

"On average, Americans spend less than 10 percent of their disposable income on food. Compare that to folks in Mexico, who spend 22 percent, China, 28 percent and Russia, 37 percent."

Georgia lawmakers fuel up for the session by feasting on "wild" hogs.

Earmarks requested in a federal spending bill included  "$277,000 for potato pest management in Wisconsin."

There are "10 or 20 deaths a year from foodborne illness" in the United States.

"Ohio is losing over 700 family farms a year, some of them just to pay the inheritance tax."

New food safety legislation will regulate backyard gardening.

Grocery prices "have risen significantly over the past year or so."

Says Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady's first priority after winning the primary "was to sponsor a bill that would mass-euthanize sheltered dogs and cats in gas chambers."

Shirley Sherrod "was forced to resign before anybody on Fox said a word about this."

"There's more than 100,000 people working at the Department of Agriculture. That's 1 employee for every 30 farmers."

Says his opponent Dorman Grace brags on his Facebook page about receiving illegal campaign contributions.  

Scott Maddox has run "losing campaigns for 3 of Florida's 4 available cabinet positions."

"Todd Staples recently tried to woo his supporters and right-wing base by suggesting the Agriculture Commission cut programs intended to feed the elderly and disabled, many of whom are veterans."

"The current (agriculture) commissioner allowed tainted beef to be sent to school cafeterias."

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