Statements about Negative Campaigning

Says Josh Mandel opposed federal loans to the auto industry.

Says Marcy Kaptur has attacked his military service and training in the Air Force, showing disrespect for veterans.

Says George Flinn has been a "no show" at scheduled "forums."

Suzanne Bonamici supports a plan that will cut choice for Medicare Advantage seniors.

"My opponent on day one of this campaign attacked me on Medicare and Medicare Advantage and that claim was found to be False."

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain called Ron Paul’s followers "ignorant."

Florida Democrats "put my Social Security number and my wife's Employment Identification Number in a mail piece."

Says the person who Florida U.S. Rep. Allen West first hired as chief of staff told people attending a Tea Party rally that, 'We will use bullets if ballots don't work.'

"Mr. Renacci was registered as a foreign trade lobbyist in the United States government."

Robert Hurt supported a bill that helped the uranium industry after taking contributions from the industry and because his father had a stake in it.

"As a state representative, David Cicilline argued against Megan's Law and voted against mandatory registration of sex offenders."

"Matt Patten kicked off his dirty campaign with thousands in dirty cash from guess who? (Frank) Russo and (Jimmy) Dimora."

Tom Ganley has "two F's from the Better Business Bureau" and "over 160 complaints in just three years."

Says Maryellen O’Shaughnessy "accepted campaign cash from indicted politician Jimmy Dimora."

On running a "civil and polite" campaign

On running a "civil and polite" campaign.

Said he won the Democratic primary "without one ... negative TV spot."

Republican candidate for governor "Karen Handel has run a 100 percent negative campaign."

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