Statements about City Government

"The Legislature passed Gov. Walker’s so-called property tax relief bill," but the Republicans "are still raising your property taxes."  

A $10 million fire fee proposal in St. Petersburg was "inspired" by Gov. Rick Scott.

Among the nation’s 51 largest metropolitan areas, Milwaukee is the "only one" where the poverty rate is more than "four times greater in the city than it is in the suburbs."

A proposed San Antonio ordinance will allow men into women’s restrooms in the city.

"State law says that once the state appraises a piece of property, they can only pay it a certain amount above appraisal."  

Says residents of Texas and San Antonio can be fired or denied jobs because they are gay.

Says the reasoning behind Portland's high water and sewer rates is "all kinds of ’pet projects’ unrelated to the core function of the water and sewer bureaus"

On residency requirements for public workers

Portland Bureau of Transportation "barely break(s) even" ticketing motorists.

Says New York has ‘bureaucrats telling you whether you can even drink a Big Gulp.’

Says that when the Rolling Stones performed in an Austin park, they paid $25,000 to the nearby city of Rollingwood "for one night of inconvenience."

My office is about a 300-step walk to the governor's office.

Says first eight chosen to draw Austin City Council districts are seven Democratic primary voters and one Republican primary voter.

Says El Paso is the "safest city of our size in the nation."

The proposed raises for the Norcross City Council would put it in line with other liked-sized communities.

A state report’s "projection is that approximately half of public employees" would live outside municipal boundaries in a decade if the state bans local residency requirements.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed held not one conversation with the public about the new Falcons stadium project

"In this city, there hasn’t been a stadium that’s lasted more than 27 years."

"Of the 18 stadiums built from 2004 to 2013, 47 percent of the total cost came from public sources."

"What concerns me is there is only two sentences that have been written about minority business."

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