Statements about Diversity

Says she is "entering in the most diverse class ever," of U.S. Representatives

"Secular Americans are the fastest-growing religious identification demographic in this country."  

"Portland Schools spend $500K to deem PB&J sandwiches racist."

Initial efforts to strip airport contractors of their special diversity status "has no effect" on the contracts or the city’s diversity goals.

Says, "Less than half of all states have legal protections on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, despite the fact that LGBT Americans report employment discrimination and unemployment at much higher rates than the U.S. average."

"In Texas, there are 668 Democratic Hispanic elected officials to the 60 in the Republican Party."

There are 86 languages spoken at Miami Dade College.

"At nearly 19 million people, the population of Florida is larger than all the earlier primary and caucus states combined."

"Over the last four years, 53 percent of black wealth has just disappeared."

"When I served as City Commissioner, we made great strides …we successfully fought for, and won, adding women and people of color to the Fire Bureau."

Says some in Congress are trying "to create a separate government for those with a drop of Native Hawaiian blood."

"A record number of Hispanics were elected to the U.S House of Representatives..."

Beaverton "enjoys the most diverse population (by percentage of population) among Oregon cities."

The Latino unemployment rate is higher than the white rate and the black rate is higher than the Latino rate.

Shirley Sherrod "was forced to resign before anybody on Fox said a word about this."

Says Houston’s 18th congressional district has been “gentrified” and is home to “more Anglos than African Americans.”

Bill White "is discriminating. He's taking jobs from African Americans and giving them to his friends."

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