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Women still do not get paid as much as men, even "for the same work, period."

Jorge Elorza "wants to impose a municipal income tax."

"We cut our deficits by more than half."

"Scott Walker gave Wisconsin job creation money to his cronies: corporate friends who contributed to his campaigns" and got $570 million in job-development incentives

"If black America were a country, it’d be the 15th wealthiest nation in the world."

"Wisconsin’s dead last in Midwest job growth."

"The pension fund in the city of Providence is only 30 percent funded, about the same level as when he [Taveras] took office."

Wisconsin is "dead last in income growth" among midwestern states during Gov. Scott Walker’s term.

"My campaign alone has created more jobs in the state of Rhode Island than Narragansett Beer."

"Over the last 40 years, real wage growth has been flatlined because of the policies of the Federal Reserve ... It was all driven by the Federal Reserve."  

"Before I was state treasurer, my Rhode Island business helped create over 1,000 jobs."

Sen. Jeff Merkley "voted six times for more debt."

Says Marilinda Garcia supports "$150 billion in new taxes."

"Wisconsin is #1 in the Midwest for personal income growth over the year."  

The cost of "college education has gone up 1,200 percent since 1978."

"The music industry is the biggest export from Africa after oil and gas."

"It cost us more to shut the government down than to keep it open."

"It's been 17 years that we've had unemployment higher than the national average in Oregon."

Rhode Island's state pension system "underperformed the median three out of the four years that Mr. [Frank] Caprio was in office."

Oregon’s "three largest employers, and 13 of the top 25, are health care providers."

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