Statements about Homeland Security

Says a highway was closed in El Paso because of bullets flying across the border.

"There is already a mosque four blocks away."

"There’s a mosque inside of the Pentagon."

A New York imam wants to "have a mosque at Ground Zero.'' 

"The border security plan of Sens. McCain and Kyl called for 3,000 additional troops to keep us safe. President Obama says he'll send 524."

"Police officers in this state have that right," to check the immigration status of people they arrest.

Because of violence spreading from Mexico, "you’ve got bullets hitting the city hall in El Paso. You’ve got bombs exploding in El Paso."

Transporting drugs "is the price of admission" for people crossing the border illegally.

U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin didn't want a border fence to block illegal immigration "because he is afraid that someone will get hurt trying to go around the fence."

"We have a director of homeland security who cannot use and will not use the term 'terrorist attack' but instead substitutes 'man-made disaster.' "

"Barbara Boxer's worried about the weather" instead of terrorism as the biggest threat to national security.

"You’ve got almost twice as many cops in New York City as you do on our entire border. That’s nuts."

Says federal law enforcement officers cut off questioning of the Christmas Day underwear bomber by giving him a Miranda warning after 30 minutes of questioning.

Numbers on illegal immigrants "are down in terms of apprehensions, which indicates fewer illegal crossings, but also up in terms of actual enforcement actions."

"There have been three people tried and convicted by the last administration in military courts. Two are walking the street right now."

President Barack Obama's "initial response when we heard about the Christmas underwear bomber" was to say that "this was the act of an isolated extremist."

The Bush administration prosecuted 190 suspected terrorists in federal courts.

A recent Obama executive order could "lead to a number of investigations by Interpol in the United States, potentially aimed at American officials."

"We had no domestic attacks under Bush."

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