Statements about Infrastructure

Says that President Obama said that "Small Businesses Succeed Because of Government."

Says U.S. Senate opponent Eric Hovde "supported billions in stimulus for high-speed rail"  and "billions more to bail out banks."

Says  "I don’t agree with Mr. Hales that we should give a sweeping break to the developers to allow them to build that infill housing without paying for those very basics."

Say that under state law, "systems development charges can only be spent on capital investment."

"Shelby County donated – I’m sorry, gave – 44 schools to the city of Memphis."

The InterLink at T.F. Green Airport is the closest air-rail link in the country.

The United States is no longer "top nation in the globe on infrastructure," having fallen to 15th.

Twenty percent of housing in Portland’s Pearl District is ‘affordable.’

"For each $1 billion in infrastructure investment, 42,000 jobs are created."

"We have a $2 trillion to $3 trillion infrastructure deficit. We’ve got work that needs to get done. We’ve got people that want to go to work."

Says U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown "promised that the first stimulus bill would fund the Brent Spence Bridge."

Providence's port is "200 miles closer to Europe than any other Eastern port."

There are cities and counties in Georgia that don’t have websites, and where elected officials don’t have email addresses.

On how money from a possible lease of the Ohio Turnpike would be used

"We’re only spending 2 percent of our GDP on our infrastructure, while China and India are spending 10 percent of their GDP reinvesting back into their country."  

"We don't have bridges being built" in the United States.

Road construction bids "are coming in at the lowest in the modern era." 

"We're worse than a Third World country in terms of water quality and the way we treat our sewage."

"They tried to give us $400 million to build a high-speed train that goes 39 miles an hour."

"Refinanced $232.6 million in bonds, resulting in reduced debt service for the City."

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