Statements about Jobs

"Wisconsin’s dead last in Midwest job growth."

In the latest jobs numbers Wisconsin "ranked third in the Midwest."

"My campaign alone has created more jobs in the state of Rhode Island than Narragansett Beer."

Says he "invested over $100 million in worker training."

Because of President Barack Obama’s failure to "push job creation," the black unemployment rate in Ferguson, Mo., is three times higher than the white unemployment rate.  

"Before I was state treasurer, my Rhode Island business helped create over 1,000 jobs."

"Wisconsin is #1 in the Midwest for personal income growth over the year."  

"Having a baby is a leading cause of poverty spells in the United States."

"It's been 17 years that we've had unemployment higher than the national average in Oregon."

Says a $12.5 million incentive deal she approved for Abbott Laboratories contained "strong protections for taxpayers if job creation goals were not met."

Says U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst does not support "a national minimum wage." 

Mary Burke "wasted 12.5 million dollars on a vacant lot" in a move that "could cost taxpayers nearly $25 million."

"Women in Florida make 83 cents for every dollar a man makes."

Twenty percent of single adults, ages 21 to 25 with no kids, "are not working or even in school trying to find a job."  

The state of New York is the "worst in the nation in economic recovery."

Under Gov. Tom Corbett, "Pennsylvania ranks 49th in job creation."

The number of jobs created and people lifted out of poverty during Bill Clinton’s presidency was "a hundred times" what it was under President Ronald Reagan.

Says Charlie Crist "voted against raising the minimum wage."

The 2011 Rebuild America Jobs Act "would have cost the average American family $1,000 a year while making no significant impact to fix our infrastructure and roads."

"I co-sponsored the Rebuild America Jobs Act" for transportation and infrastructure.

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