Statements about Jobs

"Wisconsin wages are declining at double the rate of other states."

"Manufacturing wages today in America on a per-hour basis are actually a bit lower than average wages in the economy as a whole."

"Wisconsin now ranks among the top 10 states for out-migration."  

"Obamacare will drive 2.5 million Americans out of the workforce."

"Our state economic development agency under Walker, WEDC, actually isn’t even using the funds that are appropriated to it."

After hiring a campaign manager in 2006, "I got this $100 and something fee ... for hazardous materials."  

Broward County’s unemployment rate of 5.3 percent is "the lowest in Florida."

Seneca Jones Timber Co., aiming to increase logging and allay fears that old growth will be cut, says mills have shifted to second-generation trees. An ad from the company asks: "Do you know that most all mills in Oregon have retooled over the past 20 years?"

The economic "turnaround started at the end of my term."

Under a bill before the legislature, "you’d have to go to court to fire an employee."

On delaying a health care mandate on business.

"When I talk about (raising the) minimum wage ... half of Republicans agree with it."

Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin "unemployment's up" from 4.8% to 6.2%  

Says "Bill Clinton and George Bush both say build the Keystone XL."

"(Mary) Burke was a senior member of the Doyle administration that left Wisconsin with 130,000 fewer jobs."

"Fewer black and Latino men participate in the labor force, compared to young white men."

"Most folks’ wages haven’t gone up in over a decade."  

"According to one study, the minimum wage today is worth $2 less than in 1968."

"Two-thirds of the people who start out in minimum wage are above the minimum wage within a year."

"The Republican leadership in the House has refused to address the issues that matter the most to Rhode Island, such as passing a jobs bill."

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