Statements about Polls and Public Opinion

Says Chris Christie was "behind" in the polls against Jon Corzine during the 2009 governor's race.

Says the "public option" considered in the health care law backed by U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin was "wildly unpopular."  

Says Ronald Reagan "was behind in the polls in 1980 going into the debate with Jimmy Carter and then turned around 10 days later and won 40 states."

"The majority of Americans now doubt that our children will have a better future."

President Barack Obama has "weakened the respect for America abroad."

"Independent voters have a ten-point margin in favor of Mitt Romney right now."

Ted Cruz is "unknown to the vast majority of Texans."  

"83% of doctors have considered leaving the profession because of #Obamacare."

"If you look at most of the polls, this is a margin-of-error race on Fourth of July between Mitt Romney and the president."

"70 percent of the people who voted" on June 5, 2012, "just didn’t feel comfortable with the recall of the governor," weakening any idea that Wisconsin is "fully behind this Walker agenda."  

"Right now, I’m polling at about 8 percent" against Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Says "large majority" of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim and not U.S.-born.

"Congress as a whole is less popular than it’s been since polling was invented."

"Only 14 percent of Catholics agree with the Vatican's position that abortion should be illegal."

Says a Barack Obama "black imposter" joke got a standing ovation at San Angelo rodeo.

"Every poll you see, the overwhelming majority of people want [E-Verify]."

Says he "did the very best" in a recent poll in Iowa matching up each of the major Republican presidential candidates against President Barack Obama.

"The majority of Americans are conservatives."

The polls "show over half of Americans identify themselves as being pro-life."

"What is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons? Believe it or not . . . a Congress!"

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