Statements about Poverty

"The poverty rate amongst women is the worst it’s been in 17 years and the extreme poverty rate is the worst it’s ever been."

Brendan Doherty wants "to repeal Obamacare, increasing drug prices for seniors."

"For Social Security, which is projected to remain solvent through 2033, Whitehouse has cosponsored [a bill that] . . . would extend the life of the program by an additional 75 years."

"While (Barack) Obama preaches ‘we are our brother’s keeper,’ his brother and aunt live in real poverty in Kenya."  

Medicare insurance premiums will be rising to "$120.20 per month in 2013 and $247.00 per month in 2014."

"Two thirds to three quarters of people without [health] insurance in Rhode Island work."

Lorain "is the poorest urban school district in the state of Ohio."

Women "earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men in the same position."

"More Hispanics have fallen into poverty under Obama."

Florida election officials’ requests to some residents to submit proof of citizenship is a "backdoor poll tax."

"When these [undocumented] students graduate from college, they're still illegal aliens. They cannot get a job."

Says Gov. Scott Walker approved a "gutting" of two tax credits that help the poor and elderly.

Says that Rep. Betty Sutton "would rather riot with Occupy (Wall Street) than stand up for Ohio families."

"One out of two Americans … are living either in or near poverty. That means 150 million Americans, half of us."

"6.4 million more Americans living in poverty under President Obama."

"99.97 percent of the kids live in poverty that attend Cleveland public schools."

Says Barack Obama has played over 90 rounds of golf as president.

"The poorest in this country are women."

"It costs about $40,000 a year for a homeless person to be on the streets."

"If we keep the minimum wage at the current level, then single-parent families earning the minimum wage at a full-time job will live in poverty in New Jersey."

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