Statements about Public Service

Says John Cornyn dodged the draft during the Vietnam War.

Says Stefani Carter "repeatedly used her campaign contributors’ donations to rent margarita machines for our state house office."

"As attorney general, I have prosecuted judges, district attorneys and other public officials across Texas who violated that (public) trust, who have been corrupted."

"The largest enterprise in the world is the federal government of the United States of America"

Says the fertilizer plant that exploded in West, Texas,"had not been inspected by the state of Texas since 2006."

About 3 percent of Gov. Nathan Deal’s appointments have been African-American.

"In 32 other states and Washington D.C., they [voters] can avoid the wait by voting before Election Day."

"I am now the No. 2 member of this House in terms of length of service."

Ohio's judges, "compared to other similar states, are being woefully underpaid."

Says 88 Texas constables have died in the line of duty.

"Sixty-percent of the state retirees...don’t get Social Security.’’

"If Rhode Island does a hybrid [retirement] plan we’ll be the first state in the nation to do this.’’

"This is the first time in our state, and one of the first times in the country, where benefit reductions . . . has happened to people who are retired."

"Legally, it doesn't make any difference" which state district you live in when running for Congress.

Statistically, law-enforcement officers die 10 years earlier than the general population.

"The Public Employee Retirement System is making more millionaires than the Oregon state lottery."

Members of Congress "receive full pay retirement after serving one term."

"Every person on death row was a foster kid."

The law has not established whether Rhode Island public employees have property rights to their pensions.

"FACT: the ‘special assistant’ in @johnkasich's office makes over three times more than an average #OH firefighter"

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