Statements about Social Security

"When I was born, less than 10 percent of the federal budget was entitlement spending. It's now 60 percent of the budget."

Says Mitt Romney supports a plan "to slowly and gradually raise the retirement age of Social Security."

In just a few decades, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, other mandatory spending programs, and paying interest due on the debt will eclipse our entire budget.

Rob Cornilles has disputed for two years a news story that said he said he would cut Social Security and Medicare programs before trimming the U.S. defense budget.

Says Rep. Jim Renacci was "trying to leave town for the holidays without extending your payroll tax cut."

"The Social Security trust fund … is already facing imminent bankruptcy."

In Chile "they have 72 percent of the GDP in savings."

"Sixty-percent of the state retirees...don’t get Social Security.’’

"Current projections indicate that Medicare will go bankrupt by 2017, while Social Security will bottom out by 2037."

"Today, the Social Security system is broke."

"We have 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day."

Says he never said he wanted to move Social Security "back to the states."

Says Mitt Romney wrote that if Social Security was done "in the private sector, it would be called criminal."

"Poverty among Americans 65 and over is statistically unchanged" in recent years because of Social Security.

"Today, when people retire in Galveston County, Texas, they retire making at least 50 percent more than they would ever get out of Social Security."

Says that in his book, Rick Perry said that "Social Security is unconstitutional."

"In writing his book, Gov. Perry pointed out that … by any measure Social Security has been a failure."

"In (Sen. Marco) Rubio's state of Florida alone, Social Security lifts more than -- count it -- a million people out of poverty."

Rick Perry "has advocated abandoning Social Security, scuttling Medicaid and ending the federal income tax."

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