Statements about State Finances

"The Legislature passed Gov. Walker’s so-called property tax relief bill," but the Republicans "are still raising your property taxes."  

"Providence has more of its pension fund invested in hedge funds and is less transparent" about it than the state.

$6 billion water bond program voters passed in 2011 "has yet to be tapped."

Says Barbara Buono "voted to raise her own pay 40 percent."

Wendy Davis is "threatening to raise taxes up to $35 billion."

Any state tax law has to start in the House and the renewal of the state hospital bed tax this year started in the Senate, which is unconstitutional.

"Thanks to (Rick) Perry's bad budgeting, the (Texas) highway department has to convert some modern paved state roads back to gravel."

Tuition at Rutgers has increased 10 percent since Gov. Chris Christie took office because he "cut funding for higher education."

"We’ve used (generally accepted accounting principles) here in this building the last two years."

Says he would be first CPA to serve as Texas comptroller.

"Trenton politicians cut $1.3 billion from education."

Salaries for URI faculty are second to last among New England land grant universities and in lowest 20 percent of major U.S. research institutions

Because of Gov. Scott Walker’s budgeting, a greater percentage of general fund tax dollars is "going to pay off debt than ever before in our history."

Says that "unlike Texas, Missouri has a perfect AAA credit rating."

"I’ve got the spending down, I’ve got the debt down a little bit, I’ve got the reserves up."

Says there are half as many students in one Georgia technical college than there were two years ago.

"Our recent state budgets have far exceeded population and inflation growth."

Economic Development Commission Executive Director Keith Stokes "sent me a letter and he said the taxpayers will never be on the hook for these bonds" for 38 Studios.

Says spending in the fiscal 2009 budget was lower than spending in the fiscal 2014 budget

A private school tax break in the Wisconsin state budget is "the most generous in the nation."

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