Statements about Stimulus

Says a new report proves the stimulus supported by N.J. Democrats cost $278,000 per job.

"POTUS’ economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per job."

"As we've seen that federal support for states diminish, you've seen the biggest job losses in the public sector -- teachers, police officers, firefighters losing their jobs."

"Dubious taxpayer-funded stimulus projects in Rhode Island include … $250,000 to provide digital television to the state’s inmate population."

Says that in 2009, Jon Huntsman "said that the Recovery Act wasn't large enough and as governor he asked for $14.4 billion in federal stimulus funds. Now he's saying that he never supported it."

"Hispanic unemployment has been ticking down from an all-time high of 13.9 percent because of the policies we’ve implemented."

Says Rick Perry of Texas was "the governor who relied most on stimulus funds to close his state’s budget deficit in 2010."

"President Obama and liberal former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s $787 billion stimulus failed to create jobs."

The Obama administration has cut taxes on small businesses 17 times.

Non-defense discretionary spending has increased "by over 80 percent in the last two years."

The 2009 stimulus bill "failed to get people back to work."

"Gov. (Rick) Perry helped balance his budget with about $6 billion worth of federal help, which he happily took, and then started blaming the members of Congress who had offered that help."

Discretionary spending has "increased over 20-some percent in two years if you don’t include the stimulus. If you put in the stimulus, it’s over 80 percent."

"Put simply, less government spending equals more private sector jobs."

Gov. Rick Perry "used $3.2 billion in stimulus dollars for schools to plug other holes in his budget."

Says Sen. Sherrod Brown admitted "that his $787 billion stimulus law failed" and "after specifically attacking Republicans for wanting to lower Americans' taxes, (he) now claims that his stimulus bill 'didn't do enough' to lower taxes."

"Thirty-five states have accepted high-speed intercity rail money."

Says the high-speed rail project provides "short-term jobs."

The high-speed rail project would create "60,000-plus jobs for Floridians."

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