Statements about Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court has "no express authority in the Florida Constitution" to remove questions from the ballot proposed by the Legislature.  

Says the U.S. Constitution provides for just compensation when land is taken under eminent domain.

Kendrick Meek claims he's the only candidate who said Sonia Sotomayor "will make an excellent Supreme Court justice."

"Eight of the nine justices in the Supreme Court decision (on campaign finance) said that not only is it constitutional for Congress to require disclosure of the special interest money, but they recommend we do it."

Justice Antonin Scalia agreed for the Supreme Court to hear a case about whether Barack Obama is eligible to be President.

On whether a U.S. Supreme Court nominee should be forthcoming at confirmation hearings.

Elena Kagan "has published five scholarly review articles, mostly on administrative law and the First Amendment. These articles were mostly on technical and procedural issues."

Elena Kagan "violated the law of the United States at various points" with her opposition to military recruiters.

Elena Kagan is "a New York City radical, Marxist lawyer through and through."

"She (Kagan) took money from Goldman Sachs just like her boss, Obama."

On Sandra Day O'Connor: "I think one reason she was a good judge is she had no judicial experience" before she joined the Supreme Court.

"Ms. Kagan has spent her entire professional career in Harvard Square, Hyde Park and the D.C. Beltway."  

On military recruiters at Harvard, Elena Kagan "took a position and the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that she was wrong."

 "Congress can tell [the Supreme Court] which cases they ought to hear. We have that authority."

"A filibuster has never really been successfully used against a Supreme Court justice."

John Paul Stevens is the only Protestant on the U.S. Supreme Court.

"No one questioned that she (Judge Sotomayor) was out of the mainstream."

"President Obama himself attempted to filibuster Justice Alito, who now sits on the Supreme Court."

"Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections."

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