Statements about Technology

"Federal, state and local governments have subsidized the production of the Volt to the tune of estimates between $50,000 and $250,000 per vehicle sold."

Says IBM leader told Obama that using IBM technology to cut fraud could "pay for" health care reform.

There are cities and counties in Georgia that don’t have websites, and where elected officials don’t have email addresses.

"Some criminals have learned how to spy on Americans, hacking into our home computers and looking out through the video camera attached to the screen."

"Anywhere in the world, when someone uses a mobile phone, e-mail, the Internet or GPS, they are enjoying the benefits of the American miracle."

"Tommy Thompson wanted to implant data chips in humans."

In Texas, "sexting is a felony sex offense for teenagers — that can mean up to 10 years in prison."

"Veterans can now download their electronic medical records with a click of the mouse."

Says government is a barrier to innovation and development.

Says Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will "force you to stop using your cell phone" while driving.

Says Washington's reach extends to "even telling us what kind of light bulb we can use."

Says John Raese said he wants "1,000 laser systems put in the sky, and we need it right now."

Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons "thought that a 911 call should be taxed."

"Last year, (Bill McCollum) spent more than $2.2 million dollars to produce and air campaign-style TV ads where you were featured in almost every frame."

"At the moment, energy companies spend 0.25 percent on R&D."

A "massive" federal computer network will make your medical records available to "millions of people" with a "complete lack of privacy and confidentiality," while doctors and hospitals who don't take part face "stiff penalties."

"Barack Obama's nominee for 'regulatory czar' has advocated a 'Fairness Doctrine' for the Internet" that would require links to opposing opinions.

Holding up a BlackBerry, McCain campaign adviser says, "you’re looking at the miracle John McCain helped create."

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