Statements about Water

"Ninety percent" of people living in Gaza "don’t have access even to water."  

Says Central Texas river water sent to downstream rice farmers in 2011 equaled about three years’ worth of Austin’s water use.

"Every 20 seconds, a child dies because they lack access to clean water and sanitation."

San Antonio has seen "67% growth" in water customers "in the last 25 years, 0% more water used."

"Onion Creek’s highest flow rate" on a recent night of flooding "was 120,000 cubic feet per second, which is nearly double the average flow rate of Niagara Falls."

Passage of a referendum on an aquarium for Clearwater means "NO future funding for our neighborhoods."

$6 billion water bond program voters passed in 2011 "has yet to be tapped."

Wisconsin sold fresh water to California, helping that state's dairy industry, and "lost a bunch of jobs (and) a bunch of farmland."

Says "we are going to sell this house and use the proceeds to stabilize rates."

Says the reasoning behind Portland's high water and sewer rates is "all kinds of ’pet projects’ unrelated to the core function of the water and sewer bureaus"

Miami-Dade has "the nation’s highest-rated tap water."

Recent record-low water levels in Lake Michigan are evidence that global warming is leading to "the evaporation of our Great Lakes."

Says Delaware County has more waterfront property than any other county in the state of Ohio

Says under his utility rate plan, "An estimated 50 percent of our residential households will see a decrease in their water and wastewater bills."

Says "If you compare the Portland Metro area to the CDC’s statewide cavity rates ... the Portland Metro area would actually rank as having the 15th lowest cavity rate in the U.S."

Says Texas ranks first among the states in the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and toxic chemicals released into water.

Says Austin’s treated wastewater, put into the Colorado River, is of higher quality than water the city takes from the lake for public use.

Says in "our region," 2011 was worst drought year ever recorded.

Says "Detroit dumping a bunch of sewage" in Lake Erie "causes big problems" for Ohio.

"Texas’ population is projected to double in the next 50 years or so, but our basic amount of water will remain about where it is now."

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