Promises about Education on Haslam-O-Meter

Use TVAAS to rate teacher performance

The state will "use TVAAS to find where teacher performance is working and where it's not ... If we're going to move forward we're going to have to use data to see what's working and what's not in schools."

Create academic leadership academy

Will develop a statewide leadership academy with a "focus on improving the leadership development pipeline so that the best candidates are selected, the best training is provided and the leadership needs of local school districts are met by a crop of highly effective principals.”

Evaluate HOPE Scholarship program

"As governor, I will revisit the goals of the (HOPE Scholarship) program and carefully evaluate its effectiveness at meeting those goals. I will work to enhance the impact of all lottery scholarship programs."

Give the University of Memphis more autonomy

"I think the University of Memphis needs more autonomy. I think the board of the University of Memphis should be able to hire and fire their own president, they should be able to set their own tuition."

Work to eliminate cap on charter schools

Will "work to increase the prevalence of charter schools in Tennessee by supporting removal of restrictions such as the cap on the number of charter schools allowed to operate in the state as well as restrictions on who can re-enroll in charter schools."