Promises about Jobs on Haslam-O-Meter

Create online jobs clearinghouse

Will "develop an online jobs clearinghouse that will pull together existing market data in a user-friendly way so that every jobseeker, employer, community official, higher education institution, and economic development organization has access to timely and accurate information on the current and future economic landscape of Tennessee."

Create a regional workforce development assessment

Will "perform regional workforce development assessments so that we can quickly begin to help employers, postsecondary institutions and local officials develop strategies for helping businesses grow and local workers receive the training necessary to fill new jobs."

Create mobile job training units

Will develop "mobile training units at appropriate community colleges and technology centers that can go on-site to deliver the advanced training employers are requiring of their workers."

Become No. 1 in "high quality jobs" in the Southeast

"My top priority as governor will be making Tennessee the No. 1 state in the Southeast for high quality jobs."