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Tennessee's appeals court judges "were selected by a handful of party officials in Nashville" before the system of "merit selection" was put into effect.

"We have only one person on the (TVA) board, to my knowledge, who even has any corporate board experience."

"After one year, Tennessee’s students made their biggest single-year jump in achievement ever recorded in the state."

Says Mitt Romney has said "we don't need 'more firemen, more policemen, more teachers.' "

"We will not ask for a tax increase to run city government."

"The United States already has the highest corporate tax rate in the world."

Adding ethanol to gas "raises food costs."

"Congressman Phil Roe hands out $1.3M government check" from a federal program that "he voted against."

Says a drug test can be performed for "just $4 or $5."

The education tax burden for Shelby County -- and Tennessee -- is "one of the lowest in the country."

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