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MOSTLY FALSE: Martin O'Malley's claim that immigration reform raises U.S. household incomes $250

Martin O'Malley told a Texas journalist that immigration reform will drive up U.S. household incomes $250 a year.   Mostly False, we found.  

American turkeys heftier than ever?

Whatever you're enjoying this Thanksgiving, maybe you'll appreciate reporter Tom Kertscher's 2014 look into whether  American turkeys are heavier than they once were.   Click here for the full skinny from PolitiFact Wisconsin.

MOSTLY FALSE: Saudis "caught" by agents at border in Laredo

Greg Abbott, citing a web post, said Syrians were "caught" by federal agents at the border in Laredo.   We found that claim Mostly False.   See Gov. Abbott's full Truth-O-Meter report card.

Ted Cruz sticks to Mostly False claim about shrinking Democratic Party

We saw flaws in Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s claim the Democratic Party is shrinking.   He’s sticking to his declaration and his established take on our fact-checking.  

PolitiFact Texas branching out in partnership with Houston, San Antonio newspapers

Good news: We’re partnering up to expand fact-checking in the Lone Star State.   Starting today, the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News are joining the Austin American-Statesman in checking the facts and turning on the Texas Truth-O-Meter. Here’s to more readers letting us know whatever makes them wonder: Could that really be so?

Ted Cruz wins Milwaukee presidential debate--in talk time


Ted Cruz's father may have embroidered revolutionary acts, Times story says

Texan Ted Cruz, potentially riding momentum from the CNBC debate into a Milwaukee debate, often celebrates his father’s roots as a Cuban revolutionary turned refugee.   Now a New York Times story says the elder Cruz may have embroidered his early activism.   KEEP UP WITH POLITIFACT'S DEBATE COVERAGE HERE.

Is U.S. nearly alone in allowing late-term abortions? Not exactly.

Our look into John Cornyn’s claim about the U.S. being among a very few nations that allow late-term abortions stopped short of a Truth-O-Meter rating.   The senior Texas senator worded his lament different ways over a few days. Also: Cornyn was hardly the only Republican to make the claim.

Democratic Socialist tweet about Bernie Sanders touched off our most-viewed fact check in October

Our check of a tweet about Bernie Sanders and the Nazi party was our most-read online post in October.   Looks into claims by Democratic operative Jeremy Bird and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also fared well.

Guns, motor vehicles and U.S. deaths, the trend lines

A reader’s claim touched off a look into whether more Americans die in motor vehicles than from gunfire. Ben Wear of the Austin American-Statesman ultimately found the comparison questionable.

Ted Cruz says debate reporters fawned for Democrats, provoked Republicans

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz drew a raucous go-get-'em reaction by assailing CNBC’s debate panel Wednesday and saying questions asked of the Republican candidates to that point "illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media."   That is, Cruz said, the questions of the 10 aspirants on stage were less substantive than questions thrown at the five Democratic presidential candidates at the Oct. 13 debate hosted by CNN. "The contrast with the Democratic debate, where every fawning question from the media was, ‘Which of you is more handsome and why?’" Cruz offered.   Here’s our look back at the questions asked at the latest pre-2016 debates.

Speaking of Colorado, how the Republican presidential candidates stand on marijuana

Most of the Republican presidential candidates aren’t down with Colorado’s 2012 decision to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Some take a wait-and-see attitude.   In light of the CNBC debate in Boulder, we present a rundown based on research by pro-legalization activists.   SEE POLITIFACT’S FILE OF MARIJUANA-RELATED FACT CHECKS.

Flaming tap water in Texas?

We're not sure how to check a video purportedly showing flammable Texas tap water.   Maybe you have an idea or two.

Dan Patrick: Planned Parenthood solely kills babies and sells body parts

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a nationally broadcast interview that Planned Parenthood does little more than profit from killing babies.   We ended up smellling smoke on that claim.   SEE DAN PATRICK'S TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD.

Hillary Clinton says U.S. loses 90 people a day to guns

Stumping in San Antonio, Hillary Clinton said the U.S. loses about 90 people a day--to guns.   We wondered.   SEE CLINTON’S FULL TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD.