Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Articles from June, 2010

Democrats pound Rick Perry

That roar in Corpus Christi this weekend? It wasn’t necessarily the surf. Conventioneering Texas Democrats pounded Gov. Rick Perry, lofting some charges we’ve explored before ...

White's three-piece dart: Debt, spending, shortfall, all on Perry

What keeps Gov. Rick Perry from committing to debate Democratic challenger Bill White? That's none of PolitiFact's business, actually.  Yet we were struck by a White shot at Perry tucked into an Austin American-Statesman editorial published Monday. Perry, White said, “doesn’t want to talk about how he’s nearly doubled state spending, doubled state debt and how Texas is facing an $18 billion shortfall.” We can't judge if Perry doesn't want to chat about all that. But... 

Yakking's over at Republican Party of Texas convention; let the Truth-O-Meter kick in

We came, we saw, we're going to conquer — our reporter's notebook, that is, and various pungent statements we scribbled down at the Republican Party of Texas convention that wrapped in Dallas on Saturday. We'll post updates as we digest this fresh (red) meat. But to set the table, here's a sampling of convention claims we heard that had already been through the PolitiFact Texas Truth-O-Meter...

Mailbag: "Why don't you move to the editorial section of the paper where opinion is expected?"

Readers call us out; PolitiFact Texas, get a grip!