Super PACs air similar claim on Pelosi-Gingrich ties

A video ad from Make Us Great Again, a super PAC supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential candidacy.

Two super Pacs supporting two different Republican presidential candidates are airing similar claims about a third candidate, Newt Gingrich — and the Truth-O-Meter has waded in.

Restore Our Future, which supports Mitt Romney’s candidacy, and Make Us Great Again, a pro-Rick Perry group, each recently posted video ads that slam Gingrich for an ad he taped in 2008 with U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., calling for action to combat global warming.

PolitiFact tested the claim in the Restore Our Future video that Gingrich "teamed with Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore on global warming," rating it True. Later, PolitiFact Texas checked Make Us Great Again's claim in its video that Gingrich aligned with Pelosi on global warming, also rating it True.



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