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Jeepers, Mitt Romney Wins for PolitiFact Lie of The Year

By W. Gardner Selby
Published on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 1:16 p.m.

Click here to read a detailed look back at PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year for 2012.

But there’s more--a minute-by-minute tick-tock of how this falsehood--Mitt Romney’s declaration that Jeep was moving production to China--originated and stuck around, despite repeated denials by Chrysler and blowback in news accounts. The timeline runs from 11:10 a.m. Oct. 22 through Nov. 6, Election Day.

Separately, readers favored commentator Rush Limbaugh’s claim that Obamacare amounts to the biggest tax increase in world history as the Lie of the Year.

Only 364 days or so to the 2013 PolitiFact Lie of the Year!

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