Articles from June, 2012

Supreme Court upholds argument that "penalty" is a tax

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the health-care law in part by embracing a familiar argument -- that the law's penalty for not obtaining health coverage fits with the power of Congress to levy taxes.

Dewhurst revisits “apples to carburetors”

Dewhurst, comparing Border Patrol agents and New York cops, reminds us of a previous time he did so -- which one observer likened to comparing apples and carburetors.

Truth-stretching about Arizona immigration law

We've checked many claims about SB 1070, the Arizona immigration law, and often found the claims were a stretch.

No rating reached on claim about Adan Ballesteros and "cocaine blood money"

An Austin political action committee says Adan Ballesteros, seeking re-election as a constable, accepted "cocaine blood money." We decided this claim cannot be rated.

The real thing on Paul Ryan, Texas and a Coca-Cola study

It sounded so good: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan telling Texas Republicans a Coca-Cola study showed Texans love Texas more than residents of any other state love their own state. But...

Romney, Obama and NALEO

Romney and Obama speaking to a national Latino group reminds us Texas Democrats say elected Latino Democrats vastly outnumber elected Latino Republicans in Texas.

Dewhurst, Cruz, Cornyn, the Sequel

As noted by the Houston Chronicle, Dewhurst is trying to remind Republicans that Cruz did not endorse Cornyn for a leadership role. We earlier checked a related jab.  

Obama’s move on immigration and amnesty

The Obama administration’s move on immigration reminded us we’ve looked into how to define amnesty.

Mailbag: ‘Dear Comrade... You performed exactly as we instructed’

Readers objected to our finding no basis to a description of Barack Obama as a socialist.

Cornyn says investigator earlier pitched in for Obama's election, vetting vice presidential prospects

John Cornyn called for Eric Holder to go, also questioning another government lawyer's independence.

Grady Yarbrough, Democrat, ran twice statewide as Republican

Paul Sadler says his Democratic U.S. Senate opponent ran twice for statewide office as a Republican. Indeed.

Perry, Dewhurst and Barack Obama on the links

Rick Perry echoes a Dewhurst claim about Obama's golf outings.

Paul Krugman, Texas and Truth-O-Meter

Paul Krugman, in Austin to keynote an awards ceremony, is a Nobel-winning economist and columnist. He also has a mixed record, leaning to True, on the Truth-O-Meter.

Romney, in Texas, and Obama job records

As presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney swung through Texas, PoiltiFact looked into claims by Romney and Barack Obama about creating jobs.

Flaming claims by David Dewhurst, a political group and Craig James

We’ve rated three recent ridiculous claims as Pants on Fire. One was made by a political group, the others by David Dewhurst and Craig James.