Hammond: Businesses pay 60 percent of taxes in Texas

Gov. Rick Perry announces a plan to provide nearly $1.6 billion in tax relief to Texas businesses, with comments from leaders including Bill Hammond of the Texas Association of Business, on April 15, 2013.

Endorsing a call by Gov. Rick Perry to cut state business taxes, Bill Hammond of the Texas Association of Business said: "Texas businesses pay roughly 60 percent of all taxes that are paid in Texas today."

That so?

PolitiFact Texas checked a similar statement in 2011, rating as Mostly True a state senator’s claim that businesses "pay most of the taxes" in Texas. In this circle-back, we revisited two sources before similarly finding Hammond's statement to be Half True--though we noted, too, that business often offload taxes and other expenses to customers.

Scope out who pays what in Sue Owen's analysis to the right.



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