“Sergeant, you don’t know me, but…”

KXAS-TV, NBC 5, broke the story of David Dewhurst calling the Allen Police Department on behalf of his niece. Our readers wondered about a claim he made in the call.

In a Dallas-area call on behalf of a jailed niece, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said Texas law enforcement agencies consistently rank him fairest of them all.

In his Aug. 3, 2013, call to the Allen Police Department, a recording of which was later released in response to a request from NBC 5, KDFW-TV, Dewhurst inquired into what he needed to do to hasten the release of Ellen Bevers, described in the station’s news report as a schoolteacher detained for allegedly shoplifting at a grocery store.

His call did not yield special treatment; Bevers was released after posting bond the next day.

Meantime, our readers zeroed in on a curious Dewhurst claim. "Sergeant, you don't know me," Dewhurst is heard saying on the police call, "but I am every year the No.1 pick of all of the law enforcement agencies within Texas."

First and foremost?

Recognizing that agencies do not rank officeholders, we ultimately rated this statement as False. Read on for more.