Dan Patrick touts Dewhurst's Pants on Fire

Dan Patrick emphasizes a Pants on Fire against David Dewhurst in this video ad posted online April 23, 2014.

We’re featured at the top of a video ad debuted today by state Sen. Dan Patrick, who’s headed to a May 27 runoff for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor against incumbent David Dewhurst.

In Patrick’s ad, the narrator says: "The Austin American-Statesman calls Dewhurst’s attack a Pants on Fire lie." The words "Pants on Fire lie" appear in white at the bottom of the screen. Patrick’s ad simultaneously shows a clip from Dewhurst’s ad, which came out last week, criticizing Patrick’s personal bankruptcy of the 1980s.

We didn’t rate all of Dewhurst’s ad Pants on Fire. Rather, we found incorrect and ridiculous -- Pants on Fire -- his claim that Patrick changed his name to hide his debts.

Read that fact check to the right. Patrick’s ad is viewable there too.

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