Wendy Davis says Abbott lost in court four times in a hurry

Wendy Davis made her reference to Abbott losing four times in court toward the top of her speech at the Democratic Party convention on June 27, 2014 (Texas Tribune livestream).

State Sen. Wendy Davis wink-admonished delegates to last month’s Texas Democratic Party convention not to "clap too much" for her "or Greg Abbott will sue you."

Davis, the party’s nominee for governor, then noted that Abbott, the state attorney general and Republican gubernatorial choice, often boasts about going to work, suing the federal government and going home. In May 2013, we rated as True Abbott’s claim he’d sued President Barack Obama’s administration 25 times.

"He is so proud of that," Davis said. "But what he doesn’t say is that our judges go to work; they rule against him and the people of this state win. In fact, he has lost four times in just the past few days. If he... were your lawyer," Davis said, "you would fire him on the spot."

Four Abbott losses in a June jiffy?

We rated this claim Mostly True; Davis lacked some clarifications. We’re hoping even non-lawyers enjoy this plunge.

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