Articles from August, 2015

10 misleading statements about immigration

PolitiFact writers have identified several immigration claims floated by presidential aspirants that lacked full factual footing.   Amy Sherman of PolitiFact Florida breaks it down.   Meanwhile in Texas... HALF TRUE: Ted Cruz's claim the Obama administration released 104,000 "criminal illegal aliens," including 196 murderers.

Bruce Elfant says U.S. voter turnout about 100th among industrialized nations; Texas not high either

A Travis County official, Bruce Elfant, says that in voter turnout, Americans suck compared to voters elsewhere.   OK, those weren't his words. But he made a similar point, which we found MOSTLY TRUE.   READ THE FULL FACT CHECK HERE.  

Julián Castro: Less than half of poorest Americans have home web access

Julián Castro, the Texan in President Obama's cabinet, recently declared that less than half of the poorest Americans have home Internet subscriptions.   True, we found.   READ THE FACT CHECK HERE.

Robots feeding fact checks? Soon.

Robots and fact checks go together like, well, you fill in the blanks.   But it's happening.

John Cornyn--a Texas leader not running for president--and the Truth-O-Meter

John Cornyn, the second-term senior U.S. senator for Texas, isn't running for president--unlike Cruz and Perry and Texas natives Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina.   He's still getting some Truth-O-Meter love. Let's peek.   SEE CORNYN'S TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD HERE.

Eight things to know per Planned Parenthood videos

Stealth videos released by an anti-abortion group led us to wonder about the murky guidelines for using fetal tissue for research purposes. MOSTLY FALSE: John Cornyn tweet about Planned Parenthood and violation of Hyde amendment.   EIGHT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE PLANNED PARENTHOOD VIDEOS, AHEAD.

Texas-born Carly Fiorina on the Truth-O-Meter

We've written quite a bit about Texans Ted Cruz and Rick Perry running for president.   Here's a quick look at Austin-born Carly Fiorina, who had some good moments in the first Republican presidential debate last week.   See her Truth-O-Meter report card HERE.

17 candidates, 2 debates, 1 Donald Trump and plenty to fact-check

Seventeen candidates, five moderators, two debates, one Donald Trump. All of it kept the fact-checkers busy Thursday.

Ted Cruz, Rick Perry among 17 Republicans debating today

Rick Perry relies on some well worn talking points in first debate.      

Checking claims about Texas voting rights and fraud

An appeals court panel today agreed the Texas photo voter identification law violates federal voting rights.   We've previously looked into claims about voting in Texas.

Limbaugh claim about Austin effectively banning barbecue restaurants catches fire

Rush Limbaugh's drew a Pants on Fire for his claim that Austin is effectively banning barbecue restaurants.   That's not so--and ridiculous. PANTS ON FIRE!