Attention SXSW! PolitiFact still has a rocking song

The PolitiFact theme song was written in 2007 by Chris Ave, an editor at the Tampa Bay Times, recorded by performers including singer Teresa Shields and produced by Shields’ brother, Ryan.

Whether you're in the middle of Austin's annual SXSW music/film/people-watching festival or not, you're on the lookout for great songs, yes?

So... Back for as long as this story sticks to the top of our website, we're here to remind you of the PolitiFact theme song, which debuted on PolitiFact in May 2009. Click above to listen. Read below the purty picture for he sing-along lyrics.

Or, to download it for free, click here. Now to the lyrics!
Gimme the Truth 2

I need to know just what is meant
By the folks in government
Won't you tell me what to believe
When I hear them telling me:

"I am the best, I am so great"
Show me how they really rate
Cause I need to know who is a hack
Won't you tell me PolitiFact?

Gimme the Truth
Show me who lies
Cause you can see it in my eyes
I need some proof
To help me divine facts that are hidden from sunshine

Gimme The Truth (3X)

I get upset, I get so blue
When I don't know what is true
How do they spend, all of my cash?
It's all gone in just a flash

When they proclaim they're on my side
Tell me is it just a lie?
Cause I need to know who is a hack