Statements from the Texas: 2010 Governor's race

If Congress froze the current spending level and then cut it by 2 percent annually, "we could balance the budget in five years."

"Governor (Perry), you were a Democrat, having worked for Al Gore as his campaign manager..."

Says he’s the first Aggie governor of Texas.

"Rick Scott got a majority of the Hispanic vote in Florida."

Says over 25 percent of the Texas budget funds services to non-U.S. citizens.

Says he has a track record of not raising taxes.

Says that under Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers have had "standing orders" not to inquire into the immigration status of people unless they're under arrest.

"Of those 850,000 (new Texas) jobs, most were public-sector jobs and minimum-wage jobs."

Rick Perry is "taking money away from hurricane victims" and diverting it to "remodel the Governor's Mansion."

"More Texans have new jobs today than the entire population of Fort Worth."

Says Rick Perry recently said he "wanted another (Texas) business tax."  

"Rick Perry has become a millionaire on the public payroll."

Says Rick Perry told students he couldn't attend a gubernatorial forum due to scheduling conflicts, then on forum day "tweeted that he'd just been running with his dog."

"Houston suffered $1.7 billion in operating losses under Mayor Bill White."

Says "the Texas unemployment rate has even grown more than the nation's as a whole."

"Perry pushed for a law that lets insurance companies raise homeowners’ rates without having to justify the increase."

Rick Perry thinks "injecting 11- and 12-year-old girls with a controversial drug (the HPV vaccine), without a parent's consent, is a good idea."

Texas has "a higher unemployment rate than neighboring states."

"We've created more than 850,000 jobs, more than all the other states combined."

Says Bill White "didn't pay taxes while earning $133,600 annual salary as deputy secretary of energy."

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