Statements from the Texas: 2010 Governor's race

"Bill White has a long history of trying to limit or even disenfranchise military voters."

Says an estimate that Texas will face an $18 billion budget gap is “a number that somebody just reached up in the air and grabbed."

"My opponent in November of 2008 sent a missive to the White House, to President Obama-elect, and said, 'Here's how you need to sell cap-and-trade to the American people.' "

"Rick Perry attempted to fast-track unnecessary coal-fired power plants, which degrade air quality and would cost billions. Fortunately, a court stopped him."

"Handel endorsed gay adoption" in 2003 when she was running for chairwoman of the Fulton County Commission.

Says Gov. Rick Perry is “spending Texans’ hard-earned money to live like Louie XIV.”

“In three days last week, (Gov. Rick) Perry flew to five cities at taxpayers’ expense, holding press conferences, delivering $2,325,000 in checks.”

"Bill White used D.C. connections from his job in the Clinton administration to form a company that did business in the Middle East and defaulted on a $60 million loan."

"The city of Houston now has more debt per capita than California."

Says Gov. Rick Perry failed "to involve border sheriffs in developing plans to prevent violence in their communities."

“The percent of students who enter high school and eventually earn a diploma or equivalent, or who remain in pursuit of a diploma or equivalent, is 90 percent.”

Says he cut 'tax rates five times'

"If you will go look up the definition of 'act of God,' we've used it in legal terms for a long time in this state."

Says in 2003 Texas cut "$10 billion out of the entire budget, yet we put $1.8 billion more into public education. We put $800 million more into health and human services."

Says Texas has been waiting for two years for the federal government to act on a proposal to allow the state to "create insurance opportunities for those that are uninsured today."

"We've got a 1,000 National Guard troop request that's been in front of this president for over a year and no response."

"Everyone in this country has access to health care."

Says Gov. Rick Perry has never held a private-sector job.

"By the end of Governor Rick Perry's term, he will have drained Texas taxpayers ... of more than $360,000 to pay for the rental mansion he has been living in while the historic Governor's Mansion is repaired."

Says he said last year there's "absolutely no reason" for Texas to secede.

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