Statements from the Texas: 2010 Lieutenant Governor's race

Says Dan Patrick "proposed Arizona-style show-me-your-papers legislation."

"We spend more money on health care per capita in the United States than any other country in the world. Of the 30 developed countries in the world, we spend 2 1/2 times more than the average. Of the country that spends the second most per capita, Switzerland, we spend 175 percent more."

“The Republican Party lost 1.1 million registered voters since 2008. The Democratic Party lost 1.2 million registered voters… (while) voter registration in the Libertarian Party rose 8 percent.”

"Phoenix, Arizona, I'm told, is now the No. 2 kidnapping capital in the world, right behind Mexico City."

Says the Republican “state convention is actually larger than the Republican National Convention.”

"You’ve got almost twice as many cops in New York City as you do on our entire border. That’s nuts."

"Texas has, now, the highest share of minimum-wage workers in the nation."

"Every citizen is entitled to the freedom of speech, but no one should have the right to use government funds or institutions to portray acts that are morally reprehensible to the vast majority of Americans."

The federal health care plan "costs Texas taxpayers $2.4 billion per year."

During "the recent global warming summit in Copenhagen, Nancy Pelosi and others stayed at a five-star hotel on a trip costing nearly $10,000 per person."

"Inequality in Texas is steadily getting worse, with very few rich people, a great many poor people, and fewer and fewer in the middle."

"Texas is LAST (50th) in spending for mental health care."

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