Statements from New York

Every one of "more than 30 federal judges who have considered the issue of gay and lesbian rights since last June… ruled that marriage is a constitutional right and you cannot deprive individual citizens of that right based on their sexual orientation."

The "U.S. has the highest unintended pregnancy rate of any Western industrialized country."

"Onion Creek’s highest flow rate" on a recent night of flooding "was 120,000 cubic feet per second, which is nearly double the average flow rate of Niagara Falls."

Louie Gohmert of Texas "compared the current general-in-charge in Egypt to George Washington."

Louie Gohmert of Texas "blamed the mass shooting at a movie theater in Colorado on ‘the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs.'"

Says U.N. arms treaty will mandate a "new international gun registry."

Says the 2014-15 Texas budget increases spending by less than the rate of inflation and population growth.

Says New York has ‘bureaucrats telling you whether you can even drink a Big Gulp.’

In 2008, "only 54 percent of Latinos in Texas were registered to vote and only 35 percent actually turned out."

Says Austin is the largest city in the U.S. without nonstop flights to Europe.

Says Texas GOP platform calls for end to teaching "critical thinking" in public schools.

Without U.S. Senate action, Texas will have more federal judicial vacancies this year than any other state.

Says critics called the original GI Bill "welfare."

Says Ron Paul doesn’t believe in marriage licenses.

"Eighty percent of the net new jobs created in the state of Texas since 2009 went to the foreign-born."

Says Barack Obama’s "favorability rating in Israel once clocked in at 4 percent."

Says Ron Paul insisted FEMA should be shut down.

"Since June 2009, about 48 percent of all the jobs created in America were in Texas."

Says Texas routinely gets "a lot more federal spending" than it pays in taxes.

Says taxes paid by the poorest residents of Texas are above the national average.

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