Statements from San Antonio

Says Milken Institute rated San Antonio as nation’s top-performing local economy.

Says Donna Campbell is pushing a 35 percent sales tax extending to medicine, groceries and real estate.

Mitt Romney "says the Arizona immigration law should be a model for the nation."  

Says Jeff Wentworth, bending the rules, "has used $211,743.96 in campaign contributions to lease luxury cars."

Says he "restored prayer and the pledge in our schools."

Lloyd Doggett "made millions off companies like Bank of America while they took taxpayer bailout money."

Says she balanced a $10 billion budget shortfall without raising taxes.

Says Jeff Wentworth was the only Republican to vote against the Texas measure requiring women to have a sonogram before receiving an abortion.

Says a federal judge in San Antonio "issued a ruling that … not only could the students not pray at their graduation, if they used the word ‘benediction,’ the word ‘invocation,’ the word ‘God,’ asked the audience to stand or asked for a moment of silence, he would put the superintendent in jail."

"If Congress does not pass the renewal of the payroll tax cut before the end of the year, nearly 160 million working families will see their taxes go up by roughly $1,000."

On applying prosecutorial discretion to immigration cases.

Says a Republican-drawn map of proposed U.S. House districts for Texas "gerrymanders more than nine million Latinos in Texas to make sure that we have no more electoral opportunity than we did in 1991."

"43,000 people are going to be kicked out of nursing homes or denied nursing home entrance" if the Texas House version of the state budget passes into law.

"The only segment in the beer market that is growing is the craft beer segment."

"Since 1980, over 145 incidents have been documented of suction entrapment in swimming pools and spas, including 36 deaths of children."

"We have over 25 million people who live in Texas and less than 2 percent of them have" concealed handgun licenses.

"We don’t have bars on campus in Texas. It’s against the law... no alcohol allowed."

Says that over the last decade, the state's population grew three times faster than the Texas state tax system.

"Despite the administration telling us (health care reform) was going to reduce health care costs, they now acknowledge it's going to dramatically increase health care costs."

Texas "children may have a teacher who never spent one minute practicing teaching."

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