Not yet rated rulings on the Abbott-O-Meter

Make Texas No. 1 in the nation in education

"Texas must become No. 1 in the nation for educating our children." We asked Abbott aides how he intended to gauge the state's status as No. 1 and didn't immediately hear back.

End CSCOPE and don't allow federal "common core" academic standards in Texas

"And as governor, I will drive a stake through the heart of CSCOPE and will never allow common core in Texas." CSCOPE, developed by state-funded Education Service Centers, offered school districts curriculum tools, including classroom lesson plans, aligned with revised state academic standards. Critics said the material included inappropriate directives.

Offer technology grants to poor-performing schools

Appropriate $100 million every two years for technology grants to schools rated D or F by state.

Provide online tutoring for students preparing for mandated end-of-course exams

Free-of-charge tutoring for students preparing for mandated end-of-course exams would cost $7.6 million statewide.

Offer innovation grants for school districts that blend online education and classroom instruction

The annual cost of awarding 10 innovation grants ro encourage blended instruction would be $8 million.

Fund training for teachers wishing to improve digital learning

Districts that avail themselves of specialists in innovative digital instruction will be eligible for state aid to cover training costs

Tie some college and university funding to student success indicators

"In addition to incentivizing higher graduation rates, the criteria for performance-based funding should also include metrics to ensure quality of instruction; for instance, universities may receive funding based on the percentage of graduates who are employed within six months of graduating."

Mandate block scheduling for two-year associate degree programs

"After students choose a program or major, they will choose a morning or evening schedule instead of picking individual courses."

Grant college credit to high school students scoring well on Advanced Placement exams

Public colleges and universities should be required to give college credit to high-school students scoring 3 or better on AP exams, potentially saving students and parents tuition money.

Grant college credit for completed edX courses

College credit for courses taken via EdX, a collaboration providing online Massive Open Collaborative Courses, would help reduce higher education costs.

Provide state funding for free tuition available to veterans and their children

A fund already created by lawmakers would need about $363 million to cover tuition costs currently absorbed by institutions of higher education.

Spend $40 million more in 2016-17 for research at key universities

Lawmakers should appropriate $200 million, a $40 million increase, to the Texas Competitive Knowledge Fund, which was created to bolster research at several universities.

Raise five Texas universities into nation's top 10 public universities

"We must ensure that Texas' four-year public universities claim five of the top ten spots in future rankings" of public universities by U.S. News.