Statements we say are Half-True

Says the University of Texas can afford to build a medical school because it has a $7 billion endowment and its football program had a $50 million profit last year.

Says she’s never said "don’t build" Texas 45 Southwest.

Says black women are "fastest-growing demographic group in ... Texas seeking concealed handgun licenses."

Says Austin voters can approve seven bond propositions "without raising taxes."

Says Ted Cruz "has pledged to eliminate" the U.S. Department of Education, which would end federal aid to college students.

Says scientists predict "sometime in the future, an event that will kill … somewhere between 80 and 90 million people."

Says Sierra Club sued him to stop oil and gas activity on Texas coast, but "we won" and "the turtles are fine."

Says that like Todd Akin, all Texas Republicans in U.S. House cosponsored a bill "that attempts to distinguish between ‘forcible rape’ and other sexual assaults."

Says our national debt is greater than our gross domestic product.

Says Texas is 1st in business climate, 49th in education.

Says Texas GOP platform calls for end to teaching "critical thinking" in public schools.

Says the "largest tax increase in American history is set to occur on January 1st unless President Obama and Congress can come to an agreement."

Says the federal government is spending $765,828 to subsidize "pancakes for yuppies" in Washington.

Says cuts by Gov. Rick Perry's administration left "12,000 teachers without a job."

Says he "passed" eight measures, including ones to prevent groping at airport security checks and to bar "sanctuary" cities in Texas.  

Says the Constitution "specifically states the Congress shall write legislation for immigration policy," so Barack Obama lacks the authority to defer the deportation of young illegal immigrants.

Says because of Texas lawmakers’ choices, "hundreds of thousands of women no longer have access to basic medical care, life-saving cancer screenings and contraception."

Barack Obama has "provided guns to Mexican drug cartels."

Says under Mitt Romney, Massachusetts was 47th in job creation.

Says he "restored prayer and the pledge in our schools."

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