Statements we say are Mostly True

"Texas’ population is projected to double in the next 50 years or so, but our basic amount of water will remain about where it is now."

Says U.S. corporate tax rate is "highest in the world at 35 percent."

Says the Central Health district's tax rate is the "lowest among the largest counties in Texas, and it will continue to be the lowest" if voters approve a proposed tax increase.  

Says 55 percent of council members have come from area where only 10 percent of Austinites live.

Says Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton has accepted $42,000 from strip-club interests and $10,000 from local alcohol distributors.

Says Texas lawmakers last year expanded public education’s share of state spending.

"I am going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. There is no other third-party candidate that’s going to come close to achieving that."  

"We’re seeing now 30 straight months of private-sector job growth, 4.6 million jobs created."

Says a portfolio managed by the Texas General Land Office earned 22 percent last year while the state’s emergency reserve account experienced a 1 percent gain.  

"While (Barack) Obama preaches ‘we are our brother’s keeper,’ his brother and aunt live in real poverty in Kenya."  

Says David Dewhurst "explicitly advocated" a guest worker program for all illegal immigrants.

Says no city comparable in size to Austin or smaller was broken into as many congressional districts.

Says federal debt "doubled during the Bush administration."

Says recent studies indicate that nationally, only 8 percent of white voting-age citizens but 25 percent of African-American voting-age citizens lack government-issued photo IDs.

"Austin is the biggest city in America with a Tier One research university (UT-Austin) but without a medical school."  

Says Williamson County Attorney Jana Duty "has never prosecuted a single adult felony case."

Says he represents or has represented about half the San Antonio-rooted district in which he seeks election.

Says since 2000, Austin’s "tax burden" rose more than 40 percent while family income rose more than 20 percent.

Says no Austin City Council "member lives south of" Lady Bird Lake "or north of 45th Street."

Says Ted Cruz represents a Chinese company found guilty of stealing blueprints from an American manufacturer.

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