Statements we say are True

Says Barack Obama has played nearly 100 rounds of golf as president.

Says that from 1992 through 2010, every statewide candidate drawing over 43 percent of the vote in a Republican Texas primary won the resulting runoff.

Says Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell voted for a toll lane on MoPac.

Says legislative cuts mean Texas is "spending on average $500 less per student."

Says opponent Ted Cruz has not led businesses.

Says Barack Obama has played over 90 rounds of golf as president.

Says Gloria Steinem once called Kay Bailey Hutchison a "female impersonator."

Says you need a photo ID to purchase Sudafed in Texas.

"More than half of the births in Texas are paid for by Medicaid."

Says there are four super PACs on the Republican side of the Texas U.S. Senate race.

Says local Texas chambers of commerce were granted exemptions from paying property taxes on their headquarter properties.

Says Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz "opposes the DREAM Act, which is supported by 85% of Latinos."

Says Ron Paul doesn’t believe in marriage licenses.

Says Newt Gingrich aligned with Nancy Pelosi on global warming.

Says King Street Patriots held a fundraiser featuring an author who believes that registering the poor to vote is un-American.

Says Barack Obama promised to halve the deficit in his first term.  

Says Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on abortion rights.

"Romneycare was model for Obamacare."

Says only four Texas legislators voted against a law giving in-state tuition rates to certain illegal immigrants.

Says Rick Perry "provided in-state tuition... for illegal immigrants."

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