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"Governor (Perry), you were a Democrat, having worked for Al Gore as his campaign manager..."

Says President Barack Obama’s overturning of the Mexico City Policy means federal tax dollars can be used "to fund abortion all over the world."

Says 11 percent of the nation’s fatal car crashes in 2009 were attributed to distracted driving.

Says the state budget includes spending on commercials for Fortune 500 companies.

Says 1,000 World War II veterans die every day.

Says this month’s special session will cost the state $27,300 a day just for legislators’ daily living expenses.

Says "for the first time ever," Texas lawmakers are not funding student population growth.

Says the Obama Administration has fulfilled all of Texas’ requests for fire management assisting grants.

Says that in the last five years, Texas "created more jobs than all other states combined."

Says Rick Perry is "the guy that tracked" down Democratic legislators who fled Texas in 2003.

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