Monday, January 26th, 2015

John Bridges

Managing editor, Austin American-Statesman

John Bridges is the managing editor of the Austin American-Statesman. An American-Statesman employee for more than 20 years, he previously served as the newspaper's senior editor for local and state news, national editor, news editor, metro editor and sports editor. His duties include oversight of PolitiFact Texas.


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Greg Abbott gets a promise meter

Gov. Greg Abbott didn't list his campaign promises in his inaugural address.   But we compiled nearly 100 of his promises in the new Abbott-O-Meter.   See the Abbott-O-Meter.

Introducing the Adler-O-Meter

City Hall reporters for the Austin American-Statesman have helped us launch a meter to track progress on Austin Mayor Steve Adler's campaign promises -- all of them yet to be rated.

Five years of truths and not-so-truths

Light the candles. We're five years old.

Rick Perry gets a laugh out of Texas Truth-O-Meter

Outgoing Gov. Rick Perry recently got a laugh out of PolitiFact.   Appreciated -- and here's his Truth-O-Meter report card.

Missed signs, fatal consequences; new facts on child abuse in Texas

With Texas legislators just embarking on the 140-day 2015 regular legislative session, we suspect there will be ample down time for everyone to soak up facts gathered over six months by the Austin American-Statesman about how the state investigates child abuse and neglect.   Dig in: "Missed signs, fatal consequences: How Texas missed deadly patterns and key pieces of information that could have helped protect vulnerable children"

Big tax hikes taking effect? Pants on Fire

Perhaps you saw the chain email about multiple tax hikes taking effect this month. It's wrong in many ways.   Light a fire.

Louie Gohmert, House speaker aspirant, has PolitiFact report card

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, the Tyler Republican who's revealed he wants to unseat House Speaker John Boehner, is familiar with the Truth-O-Meter.   See Louie Gohmert's PolitiFact report card here.

Fact check of Census Bureau mandate proves No. 1 in reader views in 2014

We tuned in to the morning show hosted by KOKE FM's Bob Cole and, waddya know, heard a grumble touching off our most-viewed fact check of 2014.   Upshot: It's Mostly True federal law requires U.S. residents to participate in the government's American Community Survey.

Ted Cruz claim about ISIS nailing Christians to trees led to a most-read fact check of 2014

Ted Cruz, critical of ISIS, said the group had gone so far as to nail Christians to trees.   Truth-O-Meter said: False.   Our check of Cruz on this front was our No. 2-most-viewed story of 2014. (The No. 1 story, coming soon, arose from Bob Cole's mail.)

Debunked claim about Texas prisoner ordering a child for last meal among 2014 reader hits

Ridiculously, a website got traction with stories suggesting a Texas inmate had requested a child for his last meal.   Our recap of this "order" getting debunked (by was our third-most-viewed story of 2014. Our countdown to No. 1 continues.