Statements about Abortion

Says that in fiscal year 2010, "nearly 80 percent of women served" in the Texas Women’s Health Program received services from a provider other than a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Says he signed legislation leading to 12 Texas abortion clinics being closed.

On instances when abortions should be allowed.

Says Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on abortion rights.

Says President Barack Obama’s overturning of the Mexico City Policy means federal tax dollars can be used "to fund abortion all over the world."

Central Health "is the only hospital district in Texas that spends taxpayer dollars on abortions."

Says women who need a sonogram in the eighth to 10th week of pregnancy have to get a transvaginal sonogram.

"A miscarriage is considered an abortion."

"We have 80,000 abortions in Texas every year."

Says there have been 50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade was decided.

"Following the 2009 session," Texas House Speaker Joe Straus "was acknowledged and ‘thanked’ for his ‘tireless efforts’ by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s premier abortion provider."

Says the Annie's List political group supports third-trimester abortions on demand.

A defense bill "includes language that would require military hospitals to provide abortions on demand."

“The bill also provides full federal funding for abortions…”

Challenger Tim Tuggey "is a lobbyist who donated over $41,000 to Democrats who support abortion and same-sex marriage."

"Bill White has presided over the construction of what may be the world's largest abortion clinic."

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison “voted to continue Roe v. Wade.”

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