Statements about Bipartisanship

"Russia has more diversity in its governmental representation than we do in Texas."

With only 67 bills or so passed into law, "2013 was the least productive year in congressional history since we’ve been keeping record."

David Alameel "is giving thousands of dollars to support the Republican Party candidates" including John Cornyn and Greg Abbott.

Travis County is "surrounded by red counties."

"During the last election, Democrats won over a million votes more than Republicans, but because of the way districts are designed, the Republicans got 33 more members of the House of Representatives than the Democrats did."

"I’ve been reducing the number of Democratic" Texas Senate committee "chairs since I came in" as lieutenant governor.

"The last time Republicans held hostage a resolution to ensure that our country’s bills were paid cost us more than $1 billion in added interest and slowed the economic recovery."

Says Rush Limbaugh made it clear he’d rather see the country fail than President Barack Obama succeed.

Every "major newspaper in Texas calls" David Dewhurst "a moderate."  

Says Democratic runoff opponent Grady Yarbrough twice previously ran statewide as a Republican.

Says David Dewhurst accused Cruz of being a Red Chinese Communist.

Says Rick Perry is "the guy that tracked" down Democratic legislators who fled Texas in 2003.

Says Rick Perry "turned down our invitation to meet" President Barack Obama in El Paso.

Says the foreman of the jury that convicted him was a Greenpeace activist.

"Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican!"

"In my 12 years in the House, I have watched my district go from a solidly Democratic district to a heavily solid Republican district."

Says Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams has attended more than 150 tea party gatherings.  

"Exit polls indicate that Democrats get over 70 percent of LGBT votes in federal elections."

Says the Austin chapter of the League of Women Voters has no Republicans among elected officers or on its debate committee.

Says Texas U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions said the GOP's goal is to "go back to the same exact policies that were in place before this president took office... policies that crashed the economy."

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