Statements about Candidate Biography

Says he has nearly 200 delegates bound to support his candidacy at the Republican National Convention.

Says Jeff Wentworth, bending the rules, "has used $211,743.96 in campaign contributions to lease luxury cars."

Says Democratic runoff opponent Grady Yarbrough twice previously ran statewide as a Republican.

Says Barack Obama is a socialist.

Lloyd Doggett "made millions off companies like Bank of America while they took taxpayer bailout money."

Says Williamson County Attorney Jana Duty "has never prosecuted a single adult felony case."

Says "large majority" of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim and not U.S.-born.

Says the majority of candidates in Texas’ 25th Congressional District live outside the district.

Says he represents or has represented about half the San Antonio-rooted district in which he seeks election.

Says challenger Dominic Chavez is a "Rick Perry Republican" lobbyist.

Says Ted Cruz represents a Chinese company found guilty of stealing blueprints from an American manufacturer.

Says opponent Ted Cruz has not led businesses.

"We've had the same leadership in the Travis County DA's office for 30 years."

"In Texas, there are 668 Democratic Hispanic elected officials to the 60 in the Republican Party."

Says Ted Cruz slurred Republican senators including John Cornyn as "graybeards" and "spineless jellyfish."

Says there were only "about eight or 10" inflammatory sentences in his newsletters.

Says Texas did not bail out a loan program he oversaw as state agriculture commissioner.

"My son had to resign his job because of federal regulations that Washington has put on us."

Says Texas Senate hopeful Donna Campbell doesn’t live in the district she’s hoping to win in 2012.

Says Rick Perry co-chaired Al Gore’s campaign for president.

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