Statements about Economy

"Over the history of Austin, it’s always gotten more expensive."

"6.4 million more Americans living in poverty under President Obama."

Says Barack Obama has played over 90 rounds of golf as president.

"A hundred percent of all the jobs lost during the recession have been reclaimed in Texas … while the nation is at about 36 percent."

Says local Texas chambers of commerce were granted exemptions from paying property taxes on their headquarter properties.

Says a new national poll shows "the majority of the American people believe we should have a gold standard" for U.S. currency.

Says that according to one economist, $1 of unemployment benefits boosts the economy by $1.61.

"Eighty percent of the net new jobs created in the state of Texas since 2009 went to the foreign-born."

Says Barack Obama promised to halve the deficit in his first term.  

"When you sanction the Iranian central bank, that will shut down (Iran's) economy."

Says President Barack Obama thinks Americans are lazy.

Says the main Central Texas food bank is delivering 50 percent more food to the poor than three years ago.

Says that "we brought CHI Manufacturing, that had business in China, back to" Texas.

Says Texas unemployment is dire in various ways such as a doubling in the jobless rate during Rick Perry's governorship. Also, the Texas rate has increased faster than the national rate during Barack Obama's presidency.

"During Sherrod Brown’s past decade as a D.C. politician, more than one out of every four jobs that has left America, left from Ohio. ... Sherrod Brown will own these horrendous Ohio job numbers next year."

"Our president has labeled Americans as soft."

"When you look at what we have done over the last decade, we created 1 million jobs in the state of Texas. At the same time, (the rest of) America lost 2.5 million."

Congressional Budget Office "says 8 (percent) unemployment till 2014!"

Says the national debt and President Barack Obama's "refusal to control spending led to our nation's credit rating being downgraded for the first time in history."

Says that before Rick Perry became governor, "only 4 percent of our total labor force was a minimum wage job ... Today, that number has more than doubled (to) 9.5 percent."

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