Statements about Education

Says opponent Chad Chadwell "wants condom techniques demonstrated to your children."

"We’re talking right now about a $12 billion hole in our current, so-called balanced" state "budget."

Says fewer than 30 percent of Texas college students graduate in four years and only 58 percent graduate within six years.

Says the University of Texas can afford to build a medical school because it has a $7 billion endowment and its football program had a $50 million profit last year.

"We confer more PhDs each year than any other university in America except Berkeley."  

Says Texas lawmakers last year expanded public education’s share of state spending.

Says Ted Cruz "has pledged to eliminate" the U.S. Department of Education, which would end federal aid to college students.

Says a voter-adopted constitutional amendment "instructed" a state board headed by Jerry Patterson to put $300 million in investment earnings into a fund supporting public school operations.  

Says "if current trends continue, by 2040, one out of three Texas workers will not have a high school diploma."  

Says most Texas schools spend 45 out of 180 school days in mandated testing.

Says a portfolio managed by the Texas General Land Office earned 22 percent last year while the state’s emergency reserve account experienced a 1 percent gain.  

Says Texas is 1st in business climate, 49th in education.

Says Texas GOP platform calls for end to teaching "critical thinking" in public schools.

Says cuts by Gov. Rick Perry's administration left "12,000 teachers without a job."

"Austin is the biggest city in America with a Tier One research university (UT-Austin) but without a medical school."  

Says he "restored prayer and the pledge in our schools."

Says Larry Taylor gave "in-state tuition to illegal immigrants."

Says legislative cuts mean Texas is "spending on average $500 less per student."

"The Austin school district calendar lists 64 different dates for either a state-mandated test or make-up test."

The 2011 Legislature did not cut Texas public school funding.

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