Statements about Elections

Texas is "the state that has now gone the longest without electing a Democrat statewide."

"I am going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. There is no other third-party candidate that’s going to come close to achieving that."  

Says that if Texas, California and New York all voted for Democratic presidential nominees, "it would be mathematically impossible for Republicans to elect a president."

"Austin is the largest city in the U.S. or Texas with no geographic representation" on its city council.

Says Texas proved in court that more than 200 dead people voted in the latest Texas election.

Says recent studies indicate that nationally, only 8 percent of white voting-age citizens but 25 percent of African-American voting-age citizens lack government-issued photo IDs.

Says there is an upcoming vote to preserve benefits of Texas homestead exemption for seniors and the disabled.

Says his Texas election fraud investigations have resulted in 50 convictions.

Says you need a photo ID to purchase Sudafed in Texas.

"In Texas, there are 668 Democratic Hispanic elected officials to the 60 in the Republican Party."

On resigning from the Texas Railroad Commission.

"Eric Holder is supportive of the NAACP's efforts to get the United Nations involved in our elections."

Says up to a quarter of African Americans don’t have government photo ID.

Says King Street Patriots held a fundraiser featuring an author who believes that registering the poor to vote is un-American.

Proposition 2 on November’s Texas ballot "does not cost state taxpayers any money."

Says Rick Perry co-chaired Al Gore’s campaign for president.

"Every month, another 50,000 U.S.-born Hispanics turn 18 and become eligible to vote."  

"Governor (Perry), you were a Democrat, having worked for Al Gore as his campaign manager..."

Says U.S. House opponent Michael Williams does not live in and has never voted in the congressional district he’s seeking to represent.

Says a Republican-drawn map of proposed U.S. House districts for Texas "gerrymanders more than nine million Latinos in Texas to make sure that we have no more electoral opportunity than we did in 1991."

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