Statements about Environment

Says Ted Cruz "was just bribed by the Kochs to introduce a bill that would give them and their allies America’s national forests, parks, and other public lands and open them for mining, drilling, fracking and logging."

Says Greg Abbott "has lost" in court "four times in just the past few days."

Since 2000, Texas has reduced "harmful pollutants in the air like nitrogen oxide by 62.5 percent, and ozone by 23 percent--a reduction that is 12 percent greater than the national average."  

Says he "sued Obama’s EPA seven times."

"Texas ranks: #1 in worker deaths, #1 carbon emissions, #50 in high school graduates, #50 in funding for mental health patients."

Says he has sued the Obama administration 25 times.

"Science has not shown greenhouse gases to be a problem."

Says bag litter increased after San Francisco banned single-use shopping bags.

Says Texas ranks first among the states in the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and toxic chemicals released into water.

Says Austin’s treated wastewater, put into the Colorado River, is of higher quality than water the city takes from the lake for public use.

Says in "our region," 2011 was worst drought year ever recorded.

Says Sierra Club sued him to stop oil and gas activity on Texas coast, but "we won" and "the turtles are fine."

Says there’s no proven instance where hydraulic fracking has polluted groundwater.

Says Newt Gingrich aligned with Nancy Pelosi on global warming.

Says a trash mound on U.S. 290 is 800 feet tall.

Benzene has "never been proven to be harmful."

Says broken compact fluorescent light bulbs "allegedly cause migraines and epilepsy attacks."  

Says the foreman of the jury that convicted him was a Greenpeace activist.

Says the Texas Forest Service planted 6,000 trees in the Dallas/Fort Worth area before the Super Bowl for unknown reasons at an unknown cost.

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